The Beach Chocolate 70% Tenorio with Nibs

The Beach Chocolate 70% Tenorio with Nibs

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Small but perfectly formed. This pushes Trinitario beans to their zenith as it packed full of flavour and there should be no surprise why we fell in love with it when we imported some to review. Many chocolate makers over-do the nibs. But Henrik keeps them to a minimum and incorporates smaller pieces within the chocolate rather than adorning the top - it this chocolate is certainly better for it.

You should get notes of strawberries and cream with the odd flash from the nibs. 

Although the price may seem a lot but this is a European exclusive chocolate purchased direct from the maker in Costa Rica and imported in very small quantities. This is certainly a connoisseur's chocolate.

Additional Information

Weight 30g
Cocoa 70% Minimum
Varietal Trinitario - Directly Sourced
Ingredients Cocoa beans, organic sugar
Origin Costa Rica
Region Ternorio
Best-before 31/01/2016

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