The Chocolate Conspiracy Balckberry & Ginger 70% chocolate

The Chocolate Conspiracy Balckberry & Ginger 70% chocolate

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This is AJ's best seller and its understandable why - the 18-year aged balsamic vinegar which has been infused with blackberries and ginger gives it a sweet tangy edge but allied with a creamy mouth-feel that doesn't seem possible given that it is made with unroasted cocoa beans. Of course the ginger is very noticeable, but it gives it a welcome 'heat' that balances the sweet and sour characteristic and allows for a very enjoyable chocolate.



Cocoa 74% cocoa minimum
Ingredients Cacao Beans, Raw Unfiltered Honey, Cacao Butter, Balsamic Vinegar (Blackberry Juice, Ginger Juice) Ginger Essential Oil. The cocoa benas and cocoa butter are certified organic and raw, whilst the honey is just raw and unfiltered).
Dietary May contain traces of nuts and milk protein
Best Before 21/02/2014
Weight 56g
Origin Peru
Made in USA

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