The Chocolate Conspiracy Raw 74% Peru

The Chocolate Conspiracy Raw 74% Peru

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This chocolate bar offers an alternative to the more commercial raw chocolate makers in that it uses unfiltered raw honey, unroasted cacao beans but doesn't use soya artificial ingredients, GMOs or preservatives. It also has a novel approach to the bar form as it appears like a medieval tombstone (if you get one you'll know what I mean). 

The aroma is distinctively 'raw' in that it has a metallic tone, most noticeably magnesium. There is no denying that the roasting process seems to extract these notes, but if you are adamant that your chocolate has to be 'raw' then there is little opportunity to escape this. But it is all about the flavour here. That metallic edge is far from evident. It seems much softer than that, almost obscure. There is the faintest hint of coconut and plums in the most distant of forms. Despite being 'raw' there is no great acidity as you would normally expect. It has been conched for a great deal of time, this has flattened the acids into a palatable form and offers a flavour profile that more raw chocolate makers should try and replicate.



Cocoa 74% cocoa minimum
Ingredients Cacao beans, wildflower honey, cacao butter (all raw and organic apart from the honey which is just raw)
Dietary May contain traces of nuts and milk protein
Best Before 21/02/2014
Weight 56g
Origin Peru
Tasting Notes This is our simplest chocolate bar. It has a softer texture, accompanied by a slight acidity and a honey undertone.
Made in USA

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