The Chocolate Tree 100% Madagascar

The Chocolate Tree 100% Madagascar

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This chocolate is made from cocoa beans sourced from Menakao in Madagascar but given the Scottish touch from the Chocolate Tree makers in Edinburgh. It offers a very intense, punchy flavour which provides waves of interest and intrigue. Each bite seems to offer something different, but it always finishes with a red wine note on the tip of the tongue. Madagascar is noted for its red fruit flavours, and although, this may indeed be a generalisation, you should be able to tell that this seems to have a very slight edge of blackberry compote. 

You'll find pieces around your mouth after you think it’s all gone, but you'll collect the deposits with your tongue for another hit of the delightful flavour.

The Chocolate Tree presents their chocolate in two 45g bars that are wrapped in 'golden' foil and then a splendid outer wrapper. 

Ahead of receiving the new designs we are discounting the older formats - which still have a best before date of over a year hence.  

Additional Information

Weight 90g minimum for the old format. 80g for the new.
Origin Madagascan
Dietary May contain traces of dairy, nuts, soya, gluten.
Ingredients Cacao solids, cocoa butter
Tasting Notes 'A bold and distinctive chocolate made entirely from cacao beans. The absence of [ed: added] sugar in this chocolate allows the cacao to take main stage with the dark fruit notes typical of Madagascar.' 

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