The Chocolate Tree 70% Peru Salt & Nibs

The Chocolate Tree 70% Peru Salt & Nibs

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This chocolate is a wonderful example of how chocolate makers tweak the balance of cocoa content, roasting profile and inclusions. This chocolate is a lighter version of the 70% Peru, but with the addition of the salt and nibs it becomes a completely different beast - and a much more complex one at that. The base intensity is less broad as the salt sharpens your attention onto the natural acidity of the cacao. The cocoa nibs play above all this and offer some sweetness at the very tip of your tongue. It is this sweet and savoury aspect that makes this chocolate a very compelling one.

Additional Information

Weight 90g minimum
Bean Arriba Nacional
Origin Peru
Dietary May contain traces of dairy, nuts, soya, gluten.

Cacao bean (70%), cane sugar, cacao nibs, sea salt

Best Before 22/04/14
Conch Time Unknown