The Chocolate Tree 72% Madagascar

The Chocolate Tree 72% Madagascar

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We're taught to expect red fruits from Madagascan chocolate, but the nose on this one from The Chocolate Tree in Edinburgh is so powerfully 'blood orange' that it belies belief. In fact when you move onto the flavour this carries on but is mixed with a hazelnut and tonic flavour combination. Beneath it lies an almost horseradish intensity. The schizophrenic nature of this chocolate may come from the fact that it is made from both the wonderful smoothness and frequent subtlety of the Criollo with the Trinitario from Akesson's that I have a distinct soft spot for.

As you consume more it becomes richer, more velvety and even more enjoyable.

Additional Information

Weight 80g minimum
Bean Criollo & Trinitario
Origin Madagascar
Dietary May contain traces of dairy, nuts, soya, gluten.

Cacao bean cane sugar. From certified organic sources

Best Before 28/07/2016
Conch Time Unknown