The Chocolate Tree 80% Peru

The Chocolate Tree 80% Peru

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Eighty per cent chocolate can vary so widely in intensity. The Bonajuto 80%, for example, is very mild compared to this chocolate from The Chocolate Tree. The first thing you would notice if you tried both is a massive difference in the texture. Neither use soya lecithin to aid the texture, but these guys from Edinburgh conch their cocoa mass and sugar mix for a full sixty hours this not only reduces the particle size to around 20 microns, but it also aims to reduce much of the harsh intensity naturally present in the cocoa bean. The team from Scotland may be relatively new to the chocolate making world but they have certainly mastered the chocolate making process as they have kept all the flavour exhibited by the Arriba Nacional bean, but removed the flavonal intensity.

For the first second or two you almost notice no flavour at all. And then BOOM! It's all there. Rice wine, sandalwood but perfectly balanced against caramel and lemon grass. This chocolate is absolutely great to push up against to the roof of your mouth let the flavours flow around. I bet you that you just can't help but chew. This is certainly a personal favourite!


Additional Information

Weight 90g minimum
Bean Arriba Nacional
Origin Maranon, Peru
Dietary May contain traces of dairy, nuts, soya, gluten.
Ingredients Cacao bean (80%) cane sugar.
Best Before 17/03/16
Conch Time 60 Hours