The Premier Collection Selection Box

The Premier Collection Selection Box

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Here we a collection of my personal favourite chocolates so far in 2015. Firstly we have Fruition's 76% Maranon which is absolutely jam-packed full of flavour - with notes of liquorice to lime juice, Tonka beans and cashew.

You will also get my personal favourite chocolate of the recent past - Pump Street Bakery's Grenada 70%. This is made with exclusive beans from Crayfish Bay in Grenada and has a sensational blackberry and cream profile.

Then you will experience the 78% which offers an opposing flavour profile to the Grenada. This one form Vietnam has a more punchy, acidic profile but is very enjoyable with its almond and kiwi fruit flavour notes.

No collection of the world's best chocolate (in my opinion) would be complete without a Venezuelan origin chocolate. And a personal favourite is Duffy's Ocumare 72% with its mellow coffee and banana notes.

And then we finish with a new maker in the form of Ara which offers a good, old fashioned, belter of a 72% that will contrast greatly with the creamy profiles of the other chocolates. The flavours are full of volatile acids to get your taste buds rocking.

Individually these bars and the sturdy and elegant presentation box would retail for £30.50, but as we love gifts we're offering this 'Premier Collection' for just £26.95.