Tobago Estate Chocolate Cocoa Ball

Tobago Estate Chocolate Cocoa Ball

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And now for something completely different - a ball made to either infuse with water for a very intriguing cup of tea or to use with grilled meat or fish.

If you are going to make chocolate tea, we suggest that you use just one teaspoon of the ground cocoa powder for each serving. Place in boiling water and leave for about five minutes then fill the rest of the milk with warm milk and a touch of sugar - if you like it a touch sweet. 

Within the ball you'll have 100% ground Trinitario cocoa from Tobago, bayleaf, nutmeg and mixed spices. 

The cocoa is processed in Pralus's factory in Roanne, France and it won a  Great Taste Award in 2011.


Best-before 06/01/2014
Ingredients Cocoa. bayleaf, nutmeg, spices.
Cocoa n/a
Produced-in France
Weight 50g
Origin Tobago
Dietary May contain traces of nuts and dairy.