Tsirushka Mujeres de Chocolate 100% from Costa Rica

Tsirushka Mujeres de Chocolate 100% from Costa Rica

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We are constantly trying to find chocolate makers and growers that have a truly ethical foundation. We don't mean those companies that stick labels on their chocolate bars, but companies or organisations that truly give back to local, often indigenous communities and we have found a lovely one with Tsirushka.

They were set up in 2003 to support women of Shiroles, Talamanca, Costa Rica - to give them employment,  help them support their families and continue the long cultural history of the Bribi people and this is the sort of economic and social enterprises that we strive to support.

The chocolate bars we see today weren't the first form of chocolate. It wasn't until Fry's in 1847 that the chocolate as we know today came into existence. For millennia before 'chocolate' was consumed in drinking form and made out of these discs of dried cocoa mass and butter and then broken up to put in hot water. And having tried it made with hot milk I can say that this is as pure and natural a chocolate as I have ever tried. The flavours are clear, direct, and feel untainted. It's as close as I feel I've ever been to the true history of chocolate. 

You can try breaking pieces off and consuming them on their own, and they taste perfectly fine that way with only a degree of acidity, but I feel they are best consumed as a soothing beverage.

These may not be the prettiest chocolate you would have ever seen, but I'm confident they're the most authentic chocolate I've certainly experienced.

Additional Information

Weight 100g
Ethics There isn't any ethical labelling (marketing ploy) they're simply produced by the women of Asociación Comisión de Mujeres Indígenas de Talamanca.
Ingredients Cocoa
Origin Talamanca, Costa Rica
Cocoa 100% minimum
Best-before 02/08/2015

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