Two Angels

Two Angels

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The delightfully designed Two Angels Labooko bar contains one of their simply outstanding 50% bitter sweet bars made with Ecuadorian cocoa and from 80% Fairtrade ingredients. This bar is a personal favourite. The other half of this duo contains a very interesting 35% milk chocolate bar made with cocoa beans sourced from Brazil, which, despite being a very large nation blessed with wonderful botany, and even very likely the natural origin of cacao, is today under-represented in world of finished chocolate. This too, is a very interesting take on milk chocolate and should certainly be tried.

Additional Information

Maker Zotter
Range Christmas
Best Before 24/11/2016
Ingredients Austria
Origin Brazil and Ecuador
Cocoa Solids 35% and a 50% minimum bar
Fair Trade 35% and a 50% minimum bar

Brazil 35%:  a sweet milk chocolate with 35% of cocoa content, unrefined natural sugar, mountain milk and genuine vanilla.
Ecuador 50%:  the flowery character of the unique Cacao Nacional is appreciated all over Ecuador. In this milk chocolate you will get to know the cocoa aromas as well as the fine milk from the Tyrolean mountain farmers.

May contain traces of nuts.