The Chocolate Tree Unroasted Madagascar 70%

The Chocolate Tree Unroasted Madagascar 70%

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This chocolate is for people that love the distinctive red fruit notes of Madagascan chocolate but want to try something different as The Chocolate Tree have created a chocolate made with unroasted cocoa beans. Interestingly roasting is another of the key stages of chocolate making process where a modicum of flavour and aroma is produced, but still, if don't in an overzealous way can actually destroy a chocolate. And with the Criollo strain of cacao being one of typically fine flavour the acidity controlled with other processes is a difficult task to master

Whilst the acidity is certainly present, it isn't over-powering. It is incredibly heavy on the red fruits - all that wine-like character is still very much evident. It has a profile reminiscent of blackcurrant jam and incredibly long-lasting flavour payload. Even for moments after the melt you will still have a bountiful 'zing' present in your mouth.

Additional Information

Weight 80g minimum
Bean Criollo
Origin Madagascar
Dietary May contain traces of dairy, nuts, soya, gluten.
Ingredients Cacao Beans, cane sugar, cacao butter (all Certified Organic)
Best Before 24/08/2016
Conch Time 60 Hours