Upala 70% Nib and Salt

Upala 70% Nib and Salt

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Here Ben takes his classic 70% dark chocolate made with fine Trinitario beans from the Upala region of Costa Rica which borders the southern border of Nicaragua. You might find a variety of tasting notes from the base chocolate on the internet and this just shows how Ben has enhanced his production methods and made use of more advanced equipment over the past three years since starting Potomac Chocolate. We find that the balance between sugar and cocoa butter fairly different than other chocolate at the 70% level. Here there's appears to be a greater proportion of the chocolate being from cocoa solids and less from cocoa butter. This gives it a more punchy tone which carries summer fruits and caramel. Of course, the addition of nibs and sea salt on the back of the bar takes the base flavour in two different directions. There's a distinct crunchy sweetness from the nibs whilst the salt intensifies the inherent flavours and sharpens them - this is a firm favourite of the team here.

NB: Available soon.


Weight 50g
Awards Good Food Awards for 2012
Best Before -
Cocoa 70%
Produced in         Woodbridge, Virginia, USA
Origin Costa Rica
Ingredients Cacao, sugar, cacao nibs, fleur de sel