Upala 70% with Cocoa Nibs

Upala 70% with Cocoa Nibs

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For those of you who are less inclined to try chocolate with a dose of salt but love the added flavour and texture that roasted cocoa nibs give then we have a very special chocolate for you from one of America's leading craft chocolate makers. 

Ben Rasmussen started making chocolate in 2010 and has primarily focused on producing bars using cocoa from the Northern Costa Rican region of Upala. Over the past three years Ben has honed with great skill the flavours present within this 70% creation. Here he brings even more intensity into the summer fruit notes with some direct acidity from the cocoa nibs. The punchiness that many seek in cocoa nib laden dark chocolate is certainly present and rewards those that are willing to try a fairly new chocolate maker.

NB: This is chocolate made from the 2014 harvest.


Awards Finalist 2014 Good Food Awards
Weight 50g
Best Before 30th November 2015
Batch 11423
Cocoa 70% minimum
Produced in         Woodbridge, Virginia, USA
Origin Costa Rica
Ingredients Cacao, sugar, cacao nibs
C-Spot Score


"Subdued yet sublime beginning deepens terrifically so by the finish a chocolate that impresses with its sustain. ... He has probably taken Upala as far as it can go; all the parameters (roast / winnow / conche / temper) max’d & optimized."


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