Upala 70% with Sea Salt

Upala 70% with Sea Salt

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Here Ben takes his classic 70% dark chocolate made with fine Trinitario beans from the Upala region of Costa Rica which borders the southern border of Nicaragua. You might find a variety of tasting notes from the base chocolate on the internet and this just shows how Ben has enhanced his production methods and made use of more advanced equipment over the past three years since starting Potomac Chocolate.

When you unsheathe the chocolate and see the odd flake of sea salt you will realise that Ben has downplayed the level of salinity that so many other chocolate makers fall into the trap with. Often they will overplay the sea salt and complete mask the awesome flavours of the cacao. What Ben does here is let the fairly intense (more than you would expect from a 70%) take centre stage - and the chocolate is far more enjoyable for it.  

This is a personal favourite.

NB: Available soon.


Weight 50g
Awards 2014 Good Food Awards, Chocolate Inclusions Category
Best Before 31/12/2015
Cocoa 70% minimum
Produced in         Woodbridge, Virginia, USA
Origin Costa Rica
Ingredients Organic cacao, organic cane sugar, fleur de sel (sea salt).