Upala 82%

Upala 82%

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Here we have a more intense version of the Upala 70% from Potomac Chocolate which offers a black cherry aroma with flashes of pomegranate and a much, earthier texture than the lighter option. You'll also get heaps more tannin and intense acidic red berry fruits. 

Don't expect a highly polished chocolate here as this is produced by a micro-batch maker without access to the most expensive equipment. Instead Ben Rasmussen relies on his skills and talent to produce a very interesting chocolate. What's more the ingredients don't include vanilla to mask any imperfections in the bean or process; instead the natural flavours of the bean are allowed shine through.


Weight 50g
Batch 11427 - 2014 Harvest
Best Before 31/12/2015
Cocoa 82%
Produced in         Woodbridge, Virginia, USA
Origin Costa Rica
Ingredients Cacao, sugar
C-Spot Score 8.39/10