Venchi 100% Dark Chocolate

Venchi 100% Dark Chocolate Bar

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This 100% from Venchi is unashamedly expensive. This chocolate is a 'not for profit' bar for us as can't actually bring ourselves to charge more for it than we sourced it at. We've just added it because we love it and and we love what Venchi are doing. They're working very closely with the Kichwa communities in Ecuador to produce fine flavour cocoa beans and produce a sustainable crop for these families that without it would find supporting themselves and incredibly difficult thing to achieve.

It is also worth noting that this chocolate is also 'gluten-free', organic and has no-added sugar.

If you were seeking a 100% chocolate that typified excellence then this one is for you. It's on a par with the Domori Criollo (you actually get a lot more for your money with this one though.

Additional Information

Weight 70g
Origin Ecuador
Beans Blend of Criollo Blanco and Nactional Amendolado
Ingredients Cocoa mass
Cocoa 100% cocoa mass
Produced In Italy
Batch No. 052214
Best Before 30/05/2017

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