Vintage Plantations 100% Dark Chocolate

Vintage Plantations 100% Dark Chocolate

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This chocolate has a fairly intense character, not perhaps as brutish as the Finca 100%, but a million miles from the buttery AMMA. The flavours are of nut, whisky and perhaps even burdock. It may not be as vivacious as lower cocoas but it does offer flavour with force. It also offers a texture akin to Bonajuto and TAZA in that it is coarse and lightly processed. If you are a fan of the Italian chocolate maker you are likely to appreciate this one.

Many chocolate makers source beans from growers and co-operatives and although they may have some say in the fermentation process, Vintage Plantations actually own the cacao trees and have a direct say on the initial stages of the chocolate making process and can tweak according to their needs. 

Those that require vegan, vegetarian or gluten free chocolate should also be glad to hear that this chocolate is suitable to your needs. 



Additional Information

Weight 90g
Made in USA
Ingredients Cocoa solids, cocoa butter
Origin Ecuador
Cocoa 100% minimum
Best Before 31/12/2015

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