Vosges Bacon 45% Milk Chocolate Bar

Vosges Bacon 45% Milk Chocolate Bar

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If the thought of bacon with dark chocolate turns your stomach as you just can't stand high cocoa chocolate, but milk chocolate is fine, then this is the version with a much softer 45% milk chocolate should be right up your street. Also this has more bacon in it at 7.9% Hickory smoked bacon (6.6% in the dark bar) so you get more salty crunch for your money. 

It's the crunch that does it for me. Those hung-over mornings where you forget the bacon under the grill and you whip it out, slap it in some thick bread and that sensation of the salty crunch as your teeth clasp around it - bliss. 


Cocoa 45% cocoa minimum
Ingredients Milk Chocolate (sugar, dry whole milk, milk fat, cocoa butter, cocoa mass, soy lecithin- an emulsifier, vanilla), uncured bacon (pork, sea salt, raw sugar, white pepper, dried juniper berries, celery juice, lactic acid – starter culture), salt.
Allergy May contain traces of peanuts and/or tree nuts and dairy due to shared equipment. 
Best Before 04/05/2015 (you can find the date on the top end of the packet)
Weight 65g
Made in USA

Soy, dairy. May contain traces of peanut and tree nuts. Gluten free.