Walnut & Saffron Balleros

Walnut & Saffron Balleros

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Walnuts have to be the best suited of all nuts to work with dark milk chocolate. But with these fantastic chocolate nibbles its the saffron spice that just lifts the experience into realms that you probably haven't witnessed when it comes to chocolate - certainly not this type anyway. These Balleros chocolate-covered walnuts pieces are just delightful and you won't find them anywhere else in the UK. They may a great chocolate stocking filler at Christmas or just something to nibble on with a loved-one.  

Additional Information

Ingredients Raw cane sugar*°,walnuts°(30%),cocoa butter*°,cocoa mass*°,full cream milk powder°,icing sugar°(4%),vanilla°,iodized salt,saffron°(0.1%). *FAIRTRADE certified °from controlled organic cultivation
Produced-in Austria
Fairtrade-content 55%
Cocoa 50% Minimum
Weight 100g
Best-before 01/06/2015

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