We Love Swiss Chocolate Selection Box

We Love Swiss Chocolate Selection Box

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Favarger is perhaps the finest chocolate maker in Switzerland, but they don't get the attention they deserve. Breaking out of the traditional, unflavoured, bean to bar world step Favarger with their new range of sumptuous and interesting flavour combinations: from the awesome cassis bar to the delicious semi-dark with apricots, the milk with noisettes and  their soothing honey and almonds - Favarger have created a chocolate for every mood. 

We have created a selection box that not only contains those four wonderful bars but also a heart-shaped tin of mouth-watering avelines which make them perfect romantic chocolate gift for a loved one for their birthday or anniversary. 

Individually these chocolates with the sturdy and elegant gift box would cost £27.75

Additional Information

Maker Favarger
Weight Four bars at net 100g and the heart-shaped selection box at 150g.
Style Swiss
Approach Without lecithin or non-natural additives
Cocoa Solids 66% Minimum for the dark and 38% for the milk.
Milk Solids n/a
Ingredients Varies according to each bar. But all may or do contain nuts or traces of. 
Best Before 20/01/2016, 23/01/2016, 27/01/2016, 16/09/2015, 11/02/2016
Ethics Fair Trade and UTZ certified