West African Cocoa Nibs

West African Cocoa Nibs

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We know how popular cocoa nibs are so we thought we'd extend the range into West African cocoa so you could compare it with the top quality cocoa nibs from Zotter. These ones are roasted and cracked by a large-scale company in Belgium and a more cost-effective way to obtain the anti-oxidants and essential acids that are contained in cocoa nibs. 

Another reason to try these is that you will be in a position to compare how the origin of the cocoa chocolate makers use affects the flavour of the chocolate. Conch time and other processes affect flavour after the cocoa liquor makes it to bar form, so it is interesting to take compare the bean in this form against other nibs.

If you would like to purchase in even larger quantities then we have 800g retail bags for just £9.95.


Best Before 30/03/2016
Ingredients Cocoa
Cocoa 100%
Produced In Belgium
Weight 195g minimum
Origin West Africa
Dietary May contain, milk, nuts soya.
Lot: 14 089 1719
Storage Store the product in a clean, dry (relative humidity max.70 %) and odourless environment. Storage Temperature : 12 - 20 °C

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