Wilkie's Amazonas 75% with Cocoa Nibs

Wilkie's Amazonas 75% with Cocoa Nibs

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For those of you who like a little crunch with their chocolate then you will love this one. The balance of the sharp, almost naive, 75% chocolate against the broad, caramel flavour of the nibs almost offers a Chinese 'sweet and sour' quality which we just love.

This isn't a sophisticated chocolate in the sense of the much larger Pralus, Domori or Bonnat, instead its more natural, flirtive, Irish pub kind of experience where there isn't any pretence, or 'chocolate by committee', it’s just natural, small-batch chocolate with a cheeky personality.


Additional Information

Cocoa 75%
Origin Amazonian Basin
Ingredients Cocoa Beans°, Cane Sugar°, Cocoa Butter.
°from certified organic agriculture
Produced In Dun Laogharie, Ireland
Certification Organic - IE-ORG-02 Licence No: 6998
Awards Great Taste 2013 Gold Star
Best Before 20/01/2015
Weight 65g