Wilkie's Tumbes 75% Dark Chocolate

Wilkie's Tumbes 75% Dark Chocolate

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For those of you who do love trying something different or are fans of small scale, hand crafted chocolate using the rudimentary stone ground process then this surely has to be the bar for you.

The micro-batch Irish chocolate makers at Wilkies have created an outstanding rustic 75% bar. They've sourced some certified organic Crillo cocoa beans from the Amazonias region of northern Peru and have worked it with organic cane sugar to produce a deliciously sharp and fruity chocolate experience.

The flavour profile combines bother red fruits, balsamic vinegar and peach melba. There's a hint of tobacco residing under the more dominant acidic notes and an almost 'raw' quality to the after melt - but without the metallic feel that raw chocolate can give.

This chocolate is full of character. It draws you in, and excites and somewhat more expressive than many would expect from the Criollo bean.


Additional Information

Cocoa 75%
Origin Tumbes, Peru
Ingredients Cocoa Beans°, Cane Sugar°, Cocoa Butter.
°from certified organic agriculture
Produced In Dun Laogharie, Ireland
Certification Organic - IE-ORG-02 Licence No: 6998
Best Before 06/02/2014
Weight 65g

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