Willie's Cacao 71% Sambirano Chef's Drops

Willie's Cacao 71% Sambirano Chef's Drops

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Chocolate drops have been popular here over the past couple of years, and now we've extended our range into lower cocoa. Willie's chocolate may be more omnipresent than some of the other products we stock, but his chocolate offers outstanding value for money and it is also excellent chocolate for the price range. His chocolate is typically at the same price range as Thornton's, but significantly better quality, it's almost a crime to put the two names in the same sentence. 

The flavour is almost a great deal more approachable than some of the other bean to bar origin chocolate makers. The flavours start off more slowly than you would expect for a Madagascar but when they get going, there's nothing to stop them. The resultant flavours are very well-rounded if not prominent. And even at 71% its significantly less sweet than I would expect and much less so than the new Marou

Additional Information

Weight 150g
Lot Number n/a
Ingredients Cocoa Mass, Raw Cane Sugar, Cocoa Butter, Cocoa Solids
Origin Madagascar
Cocoa 71% minimum
Best Before 30/01/2017

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