Willie's Cacao 72% Rio Caribe Chef's Drops

Willie's Cacao 72% Rio Caribe Chef's Drops

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Rio Caribe often makes utterly fantastic Single Estate chocolate that often, and most certainly does in this case, provide red berry and mango notes that are supported by a beautiful Brazil nut backdrop. 

We also typically expect Rio Caribe to be punchy which goes against the typical perception of Venezuelan cacao where people too readily take the Criollo's as the standard flavour of the origin. This estate, however, uses Trinitario cacao which may not provide as subtle or luscious a flavor, but is certainly a very enjoyable one.

Additional Information

Weight 150g
Lot Number n/a
Ingredients Cocoa Mass, Raw Cane Sugar, Cocoa Butter, Cocoa Solids
Origin Venezuela
Cocoa 72% minimum
Best Before 05/03/2017

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