Willie's Venzuelan Black 100%

Willie's Venzuelan Black 100%

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Carenero is a port in the Barvelento Proveince of Venezuela and tyypically offers a lovely yellow/orange fruit flavour profile such as mango and papaya along with spice notes of clove and nutmeg. Chocolate made from this Trinitario/Criollo hybrid is often in the superb scale with the likes of Idilio, Domori, Rozsavolgyi really pushing the bean to its hights. These chocolates, however, have been made with added sugar and typically are produced at the 70% level. A few years ago Domori made a 100% with beans from this area but I don't think they make it anymore.

This 100% is much more subtle and sophisticated that the other two of Willie's we stock in the form of the Java and Madagascan

Additional Information

Weight 180g
Lot Number n/a
Ingredients Cacao. May contain traces of nuts.
Origin Venezuela
Cocoa 100% minimum
Best Before 22/01/2017 & 17/02/2017

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