Zotter 100% Couverture 120g

Zotter 100% Couverture 120g

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Those of you who are are fond of 100% chocolate, and the Zotter Peru version, in particular, should love this larger 120g bar. Although its not made with specifically Peruvian cocoa, but instead a blend of South American beans, it still packs a punch. There is another similarity with Zotter's famous 100%, and that is that the ingredients used are also produced from Fair Trade co-operatives that go to support less well-off communities.

Although this 'bar' is labelled as couverture, in which it has been specifically been formed and packaged for chocolatiers to produce chocolates from, it still provides a wonderful medium for 100% dark chocolate lovers to get their fix. Each bar is very solid, thick and hefty. The wrapping is made of plastic rather than the 'golden' paper as Zotter's Labooko or Hand-scooped bars are. Nonetheless, if this lovely chocolate is for personal consumption and your were looking for a more cost-effective option then this couverture is likely to be just what you need.

Additional Information

Best Before 02/09/2016
Cocoa Solids 100% Minimum
Fairtrade Content: 100%
Ingredients Cocoa mass*°. *FAIRTRADE Certified,°from controlled organic cultivation
Weight 120g