Zotter 70% Couverture 120g

Zotter 70% Couverture 120g

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If you loved Zotter's range of 70% chocolate and wanted a bit more of an economical way to enjoy it then these 'couverture' blocks are certainly one way to do it. Here we have a blend of Latin American cocoas to produce a very velvety texture and a rich, creamy flavour. 

Primarily this chocolate is designed for people that are home-bakers and want to make chocolate cakes or cakes with chocolate icing but wanted to use top-quality chocolate rather than bulk, low quality chocolate bought from a supermarket or wholesaler.

Additional Information

Best Before 10/09/2015
Cocoa Solids 70% Minimum
Fairtrade Content: 99%
Ingredients Raw cane sugar°, cocoa butter°, cocoa mass°
Weight 120g