Zotter Labooko 70% Peru Criollo 16hr & 20hr Conch

Zotter Labooko 70% Peru Criollo 16hr & 20hr Conch

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One of the most interesting aspects of chocolate production is the tweaking of conch times to create the required flavour profile. Cocoa that has less inherent fine flavour and more harsh acids require a greater conch time to soften the bitterness. Criollo is one of those large, collective strains of cocoa that has less acidity and caffeine and therefore requires less conching. Seldom do chocolate-lovers, however, get the opportunity to gauge the impact of a longer conch time, thankfully Zotter does. 

Here we have another of Zotter's fine Peruvian Labooko bars. After the magnificent 100% creation we have a milder 70% that has been conched for both 16 and 20 hours. What you could do is when you get the bar unwrapping them and compare blind-folded and try and guess which is which.



Weight 70g
Fairtrade-content 99%
Ingredients Cocoa mass * °, raw cane sugar * °, cocoa butter * °, iodized salt
*FAIRTRADE certified 
°from controlled organic cultivation
Origin Peru
Cocoa 70% % minimum
Best-before 11/11/2014

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