Zotter 80% Couverture 120g or 1200g

Zotter 80% Couverture 120g or 1200g

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This is a dark chocolate couverture aimed at cake bakers, people wanting to have a bit of fun making chocolates and those that want to try out enhancing puddings for dinner parties - or just for yourself.

These are thick bars made for melting although you can nibble on the ends of them and bite chunks off - they are fairly solid though. 

The 80% certainly has a more intense flavour profile than the 70% and offers some absolutely fantastic, core and direct acidity. If you like Marmite you should like this one.

Now save £10 off the 1.2kg bar or £1 off the 120g

Additional Information

Best Before 10/09/2015
Cocoa Solids 80% Minimum
Fairtrade Content: 99%
Ingredients Raw cane sugar°, cocoa butter°, cocoa mass°
Dietary Lactose-free & vegan
Weight 120g