Zotter Acai Rainforest Miracle

Zotter Acai 'Rainforest Miracle'

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Acai has, for a long while, been associated withantioxidantsand life enhancing properties. Perhaps we're in no position to agree or otherwise, however if you do love the flavours and nutrients contained within the acai berry then I'm sure you'll love this collection of five drinking chocolate bars. This bar is also flavoured with Brazil nuts to give it even more of a luscious, deep flavour, as well as a truly interesting texture. The front packaging of this hot chocolate is in German (as we have a UK exclusive) but the ingredients are also in English.

Additional Information

Weight 100g
Ingredients raw cane sugar*°,cocoa butter*°,acai powder°(10%),brazil nuts°,skimmed milk powder°,emulsifier: soy lecithin°,sweet whey powder°,whole cane sugar*°,locust bean gum°,full cream milk powder°,lemon powder°,salt,vanilla°. *FAIRTRADE certified °from controlled organic cultivation
Cocoa-butter 29% cocoabutter
Fairtrade-content 75%
Dietary May contain traces of all types of nuts and sesame.