Zotter Dark Chocolate Drink

Zotter Dark Chocolate Drink

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After a long day at work you may be tempted to reach for a glass of wine, but now we haven an alternative. This milk-based drink contains 11% dark chocolate and is incredibly thirst-quenching, refreshing and soothing. Unlike most of the chocolate drinks you will find on the supermarket shelves this isn't overly sweet. It does, instead, give a noticeable hit of dark chocolate that is more prominent than we had expected.


Additional Information

Volume 230ml
Ingredients Milk°, cocoa mass°, raw cane sugar°, acid regulator: trisodium citrate, cocoa butter°, ginseng°, locust bean gum°, salt, chilli "Bird's eye"°

99% (without milk). www.info.fairtrade.net  °from controlled organic cultivation
Cocoa Solids Unknown. The drink contains 11% chocolate however. The Milk contains 2% fat and together each 100ml of the drink contains 118 calories, 7.5g of fat and 7.1g of sugars.
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Best Before 04/03/2015