Zotter Labooko 75% Superfood

Zotter Labooko 75% Superfood

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As a bit of fan of 'superfoods' myself - as can be seen by kitchen cupboards stacked full of powders of all colours of the rainbow, it was no surprise that we would stock a Zotter chocolate featuring some of our most favourite 'superfoods': acai and maca. This last ingredient is included as it allegedly gives you a caffeine boost - I've tried it is reasonable quantities as an additive to my breakfast and it seems to work- for me at least. Whilst Acai is often used as an additional source of polyphenols - high cocoa content chocolate already has this, but again, it's supposed to help with the inner workings of your body.

Reishi is a type of mushroom that is found on plum trees and I am informed is a source of polysaccharides which may help boost your immune system. Whilst Chlorella powder is apparently high in folic acid, vitamin D and iron. 

As with most of these healthy 'antioxidants' etc., there is a bit of an intense, sharp, unusual characteristic to the flavour - but not too much as half of the bar has already disappeared whilst I've been writing up these tasting notes.

Additional Information

Weight 70g
Fairtrade Content 79%
Ingredients Cocoa mass°, coconut blossom sugar°, cocoa butter°, acai powder°(1%), chlorella powder°(0,1%), green tea powder°(0,1%), salt, reishi powder°(0,03%), maca powder°(0,03%) °from controlled organic cultivation
Origin Unknown
Cocoa 75% minimum in the chocolate coating
Best Before 04/10/2015 & 23/12/2015