Zotter Mother-in-law In Love

Zotter Mother-in-law In Love

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We don't understand the concept of this chocolate bar either. I'm not entirely sure who would buy their mother-in-law a chocolate gift for Valentine's Day, but if you do then perhaps this is the only present specifically created for the occasion. 

Perhaps there is an angle here. If your Mother-in-Law is looking after the children on Valentine's Day for you and you wanted to get her a little thank you whilst you pop out for a nice meal or romantic night in then this could be the perfect way of showing your appreciation? 

There is a kick to this bar though. It is laced with orange liqueur and also contains blood orange and lemon. Now, it’s not for us to say that this bitter combination describes your Mother-in-Law, but this chocolate is tasty - I do hope that's a similarity that didn't cross your mind.


Additional Information

Cocoa Solids 40% minimum in the outer chocolate coating
Fairtrade Content 66%
Produced In Austria
Weight 70g
Raw cane sugar°, marzipan°(15% - almonds° & raw cane sugar° & invert sugar syrup°), cocoa butter°, blood orange concentrate°(11%), full cream milk powder°, cocoa mass°, fructose-glucose syrup°, butter°, orange liqueur°(2%), sour cherry concentrate°, lemon concentrate°, lemon powder°, gelling agent: apple pectin, salt, vanilla°, blood orange oil°(0.01%) 
Best Before 13/05/2014