Zotter Nicaragua 60% Milk Chocolate

Zotter Nicaragua 60% Milk Chocolate

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Having consumed well over a thousand different types of chocolate in my time few have surprised me as much as this one. Despite being labelled as milk chocolate, it is far beyond the overly sweet confectionery that the supermarkets foist upon us. Instead this Nicaragua 60% chocolate bar manages to convey the archetypal 'chocolate' flavour with a level of precision I previously had thought impossible.

The chocolate is several steps up from the middle of the road chocolate flavour as there is the slightest touch of acidity. However, it remarkably manages to balance the warm, creaminess with that of true, sharp cocoa taste. Although, primarily it mostly delivers the velvetiness that most chocoholics adore.

Additional Information

Weight 0.07kg
Origin Nicaragua
Produced-in Austria
Cocoa 60%
Fairtrade-content 64%
Ingredients cocoa mass*°,raw cane sugar*°,full cream milk powder°(16%),cocoa butter*°,salt,vanilla°. *FAIRTRADE certified °from controlled organic cultivation
Best-before-date 21/09/2015