Zotter Orange Liqueur

Zotter Orange Liqueur

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This Orange Liqueur milk chocolate bar is one of Zotter's more simple creations as it mainly contains that alcoholic ingredient as well as blood orange brandy and oranges. It should be quite clear that you should really be a fan of the citrus fruit if you're going to buy it. For me Christmas was scared by the orange chocolates that seemed to form half of a tin of Cadbury Roses. Thankfully this orange chocolate is a great deal more sophisticated and flavoursome than any of those mass-market chocolates. What's more this has a boozy edge that makes it significantly more enjoyable for that fact alone.


Weight 70g
Fairtrade-content 60%
Ingredients Cane sugar * °, cocoa butter * °, whole milk powder °, butter °, cocoa mass * °, fructose-glucose syrup °, orange liqueur ° (4%), oranges ° (2%), blood orange spirit ° (2%), orange juice concentrate ° ( 1%), salt, vanilla beans

*FAIRTRADE certified 
°from controlled organic cultivation
Produced in Austria
Cocoa  40% minimum
Best-before 12/02/2015

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