Zotter Raw / Unroasted Cocoa Beans

Zotter Raw / Unroasted Cocoa Beans

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These unroasted (but dried) cocoa beans come from the CACA Pangoa Fair Trade Co-operative in the San Martin region of Peru and offers you the opportunity to try chocolate in its purest and most natural form. Of course you could try the beans just out of the fresh pod but they wouldn't bare any resemblance to chocolate as the fermentation process is perhaps the most important stage in the chocolate making process in determining flavour. You might also like to get to know how the next stage of making chocolate affects the bean by trying the roasted version of the same bean.

Often people will add cocoa nibs to their breakfast cereal, but these beans offer an alternative - you can make your own cocoa tea out of them by breaking them up and adding boiling water in a cafetiere - adding as much sugar as you like, or just keeping the unique flavour opportunity to express itself au naturel.

As they are delivered unshelled, we do suggest that you remove them before use.

Additional Information

Maker Zotter
Weight 100g
Cocoa 100% Minimum
Origin Peru
Bean Expected to be a Trinitario/Criollo genetic mix
Fairtrade Content: 100%
Best Before 15/07/2015
Ingredients Organic Cocoa beans

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