Zotter Sheep's Milk Chocolate

Zotter Sheep's Milk Chocolate

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If you enjoyed the goat's milk chocolate bar from Zotter, you'd love this one as it has a very similar flavour. That bar had 64% cocoa solids while this one has 50%. It also has vanilla and 12% sheep milk. Regarding flavour, it has a finely balanced creamy and sweet tone. There's not a great deal of acidity. Instead, that's been replaced a very milk sheep's milk flavour that is very appealing. There's also a lovely nutty note that comes out of nowhere and gives it some good 'edge' and intrigue.

Additional Information

Maker Zotter
Weight 70g
Manufactured-in Austria
Dietary May contain traces of all types of nuts,milk,soya and sesame.
Best-before 22/10/2016
Fairtrade 88% content
Cocoa-solids 50% minimum
Ingredients raw cane sugar*°,cocoa butter*°,cocoa mass*°,sheep milk powder°(12%),salt,vanilla°. *FAIRTRADE certified,°from controlled organic cultivation.

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