Zotter Strong Coffee Dark Chocolate

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Most of us love a strong coffee to start the day off, we might not, however, choose to have a shot of whisky with it. This bar from Zotter not only combines Fair Trade coffee, milk but also 1.5% of whisky.

You can definitely tell that it contains real coffee beans (2%) as there is such a distinct aroma as unwrap the bar - it really does hit you. What is interesting about it is that the flavour, although distinctively of espresso, it has an all-encompassing creamy mouth-feel. One may even say that it is reminiscent of Tiramisu. There is a distinct sweetness contained within that creamy filling that expertly plays off against the 70% dark chocolate coating. This chocolate exterior certainly doesn't come across as bitter; instead it just offers an additional tone to the flavour profile.

This is a chocolate bar for an autumn or winter's night when it's cold out and you just need a creamy, chocolate experience.