Zotter Tequila Ganache Dark Chocolate Bar

Zotter Tequila Ganache Dark Chocolate Bar

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Along with a wide range of other alcoholic chocolate bars from Zotter which include VodkaBrandy, Red Wine, White Wine, both, Champagne and various other local beverages, we now have a Tequila (6%) dark chocolate bar which rightly also contains salt and lemon, but also with a pinch (a non-technical term) of cinnamon too. 

It is a curious bar of alcoholic dark chocolate as its neither overly alcoholic nor astonishingly dark. Instead, there's an excellent balance of flavours. The dark chocolate is fairly mild despite being 70% cocoa and the tequila flavours are layered above. Although there is a slight bitterness, it does come across in an engaging fashion. It's the lemon that and the touch of salt and its piquancy that you'll most probably pick up first and does set the scene for a very interesting chocolate experience.

One thing I would suggest, however, and that's not to expect anything incredibly robust. This Tequila chocolate bar is far mellower and lay back than ingredients suggest. I find this chocolate ganache bar perfect to soak in the bath with as it'll just melt in the mouth as slowly as the aches seep out of your moist body.    

Best Before: 16/02/2016